Before you can take a bike in on the road you first need to be able to smoothly control the bike. Bike Skills teaches kids bike control through fun games, challenges and mock intersection on blacktop in 2.5 hour, one-day class.

Lots of kids can ride fast on two wheels, but there's a lot more to it to be confident and safe riding in traffic. We teach the following skills and will work with kids at their level in order to let them learn and build a good foundation. Often these skills require more practice than just one session. Sign up as many times as needed.


  • ABC Quick check (air, brakes, chain, quick release)

  • Helmet Fit

  • Steady Stopping by stepping down off the seat when stopping

  • Steady Starting with ease and power with power pedal position

  • Riding a straight line and looking backwards

  • Riding with one hand off the handlebars to signal

  • Yielding to traffic when riding left around obstacles or turning left

  • Using gears

  • Intersection practice on chalked course

Once we see the riding skills above demonstrated consistently with good control, kids 10+ are able to advance to our Street Skills program.

Street Skills 1 AND Street Skills 2 together teach kids hands on practice,  mastering everything they need to know to ride bikes in the roadway on their own. We focus on rules of the road, how bikes are part of traffic, riding with ease and confidence AND having a great time!  It is STRONGLY recommended kids attend both sessions to be prepared and as road safe as possible when riding on their own.


FALL 2019

  • Friday, September 6th, 4-6 pm

  • Saturday, September 21st, 9-11 am

  • Friday, October 18th 4-6 pm

  • Sunday November 3rd, 9-11 am



  • Sign up for a free class from Bike East Bay. Family Cycling Workshops, Urban Cycling indoor class and outdoor on bikes! Get legal info, crash avoidance, great tips to make biking as a family or solo smooth and fun.

  • Kids 10+ can sign up for Street Skills camps. We take their solid bike skills, new information they learned in the Urban Cycling class about the safest and legal way to ride and coach them in groups of 7 or less on riding with traffic. There’s one in November and then look for more in Spring and Summer 2020