We teach 5th-9th grade kids how to control their bikes and begin understanding how traffic flows, what to expect from drivers and how they most safely and legally fit in with all road users.  We will ride our recommended bike route from their home to their school's bike parking area in Alameda. 

They love learning their rights and a place on the road.  Their confidence skyrockets as they see adult drivers treat and respect them as responsible road users.  Kids must be able to ride on two wheels and be able to stop and start with little to no wobbling.

Street Skills 1 AND Street Skills 2 together teach kids hands on practice,  mastering everything they need to know to ride bikes in the roadway on their own. We focus on rules of the road, how bikes are part of traffic, riding with ease and confidence AND having a great time!  It is STRONGLY recommended kids attend both sessions to be prepared and as road safe as possible when riding on their own.


Parents/Guardians of kids participating in Street Skills 1 Camp are required to:

  1. Attend a free Urban Cycling classroom workshop with your child.
    This fun and entertaining workshop is taught by one of Bike East Bay's instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists. Learn basic rules of the road, how to equip your bicycle and avoid crashes by riding predictably, visibly, and communicating with other road users by your actions and signals. No bike required.

  2. Have your child's bike and helmet inspected for safety and fit and signed off by a mechanic from a local shop no earlier than six weeks before camp and no later than two weeks before camp begins.

  3. Equipment What to Bring? We've put together a complete EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST page of required items as well as optional items for comfort.

  • Tips and tricks on how to control the bikes through games, challenges.

  • How to identify and avoid common youth crashes.

  • Communicating with drivers in a predictable and visible manner using hand signals, eye contact and more.

  • Lots of riding practice on less busy streets including from Alameda students houses to their schools on the island.

  • Locking the bike, helmet fit and some basic maintenance.

**IMPORTANT!  Kids and at least one parent must attend one of the free Bike East Bay Urban Cycling workshops prior to the first day of Street Skills 1.  Why not take one now?  See Requirement info on the right.

Our number one priority is always your child's safety.  As professional, certified Bicycle Safety Instructors with First Aid  and Youth molestation prevention training, we are trained to prevent, recognize, and respond to any and all unsafe situations.  
Rules are strictly enforced for everyone's safety.  

We keep things active with lots of bike riding, bike skills games and  field trips on the island.  Kids must be in good physical condition and capable of riding a least 3 miles at a relaxed pace without breaks.  They must also be willing to physically push a little outside their comfort zone to improve their strength and endurance.  

Easy Street Cycling is more than a fun way for your kids to spend time outside.  Our program is designed to coach your child at their level to understand and learn their part in keeping themselves and other road users safe.  The skills we teach are important life skills as pedestrians, bicycle riders and can help them tremendously if they decide to learn to drive a car.  

Do you like Discounts?

  • $25 rebate for all required paperwork turned in by May 31st.

  • $10 for each new referral

  • $10 off for multi-sessions registered

  • $10 off sibling discount


Monday-Thursday 9:00 am. - 3:00 pm. 
$450 regular price, $435 early bird pricing before February 28th.
   Bike vest and snacks included. Monday drop off at Krusi Park/Otis blacktop on the corner of Calhoun and Court. Tues-Thurs meet at Bonnie’s House on Central @ Fernside.

  • June 3-6

  • June 10-13 Girls

  • June 24-27 Boys

  • July 8-11 Girls

  • July 15-18 Boys