Summer registrations are now open!

If you don't see a date/week you were hoping for, click on the red EMAIL button to submit your request.  More dates can be added if we sell out.

Urban Cycling Classes in Alameda

This class is for families who have already registered their kids for Street Skills 1&2.

  • Sunday, April 30,  5:30-7:30 pm -
    Alameda Bicycle 1522 Park St.

  • Sunday, June 4,  5:30-7:30 pm -
    Cycle City 1433 High Street.

"My son took this summer class to prep him to ride to middle school. He loved it, rode so much that we had to get him new tires by end of week and he and we feel confident in his riding skills. He now rides his bike to and from school each day. If it rains, he knows how to put his bike on the front of a city bus and ride home. He knows fundamentals on how to lock his bike correctly, how to ride with traffic, how to signal and be assertive.  I'm thrilled and would recommend this camp or classes to anyone!"
    Ariana S.

Easy Street Cycling gives kids a fun experience outdoors, learning life skills through practicing everything they need to know to ride bikes in the road on their own.   Kids gain confidence by understanding the rules of the road and how to interact safely with all traffic.  

See our Reviews!

See our Reviews!