Bike Skills

Before you can take a bike in on the road you first need to be able to smoothly control the bike. Bike Skills teaches kids bike control through fun games, challenges and mock intersection on blacktop in a 2 hour class.

Lots of kids can ride fast on two wheels, but there's a lot more to it to be confident and safe riding in traffic.


Street Skills

Street Skills is designed to allow your child to try out different road situations in the safety of a group. Kids need lots of time to practice different traffic situations over and over and be allowed to make small mistakes and try again until it feels comfortable. Their effort to learn independent road riding can do amazing things for their confidence!

Kids 10+ who have demonstrated good bike control in Bike Skills can take those skills to the streets after attending one of Bike East Bay's free Urban Cycling classroom workshop with a parent. Families will learn legal bike rights, how to follow the rules of the road and prevent common crashes in this 2-hour indoor workshop for adults and kids 10+, no bike required.