"My daughter did the basic cycling camp last summer and she loved it. She learned a lot of practical skills about safe riding, locking up her bike, and practiced lots of situations she will encounter riding on her own. As a parent I loved the great feedback I got about her abilities, including what she should work on to be a safer and more confident rider. She is really excited to go back for two weeks of bike camp this summer, including adventure call where she can rely push her skills and go lots of fun places. Can't recommend Bonnie and her camp enough!"
   Sara L.

"Bike Camp with Bonnie? YES, DO IT! It's a win-win-win. Your kid wins because they get to go to BIKE CAMP! How fun is that?! You win because you get to relax a bit about your kid street riding - which we all want kids to do, but aren't so sure how safe it is. And, the community wins because there are more kids out there setting a great example by riding predictably/safely and sharing their knowledge with their friends. Bonnie is not only an excellent teacher and encyclopedia of safety and skills tips, she is also a fun mom. I would trust her with my kids and I am confident they would enjoy spending a week or so with her this summer riding bikes and building confidence."
    Patty S.

"My daughter attended Bonnie's camp this summer and it was amazing!!  She went into camp timid and uncertain on her bicycle and after one week was knowledgeable, confident, and secure.  She now knows the rules of the road, how to be safe and how to communicate with drivers.  Though the camp was a bit pricey, I felt that we got full value, especially knowing how much safer our daughter is on the road.  I cannot recommend this camp highly enough - it is a MUST for kids who are riding around town, commuting to school or just riding in the neighborhood.  Oh - and we LOVE Bonnie!"
Shivaun M.

"Bonnie is an amazing instructor and dynamic presenter! Her passion and knowledge about biking has created a superior program. My son enrolled in summer camp so we attended the prerequisite education class with Bonnie as our instructor. Not only did my son learn about the road rules/laws, but I gained a new appreciation for bikers with the challenges they face on the road. The class covered a lot of material, but Bonnie kept it entertaining and fun.

As for the summer camp, it does not get much better than "BEST CAMP EVER!!!" as quoted by my son after the first day. He became a confident rider over the course of the week. It is comforting to know that he has the skills he needs to be biking safely and independently."
Alex O.

"My 10-yr-old son completed the 1 week summer bike camp and absolutely loved it.  What a great camp!  He learned biking skills while, simultaneously, having amazing adventures. We will be signing up both kids next summer!"
Amy D.

"My son attended a week long bike camp prior to starting middle school and it was great! Prior to this neither he nor I knew many of the rules of the road. After he was teaching me both as a driver and a bike rider! Bonnie is a patient and knowledgable instructor who knows how to connect with kids and make learning fun. I feel so much more confident now as he rides off to school daily.  It is a must do camp if your kids are going to be on the road on their bikes. I highly recommend it!"
Sandy B.

"My daughter attended a week-long bike camp the summer before heading to Middle School and absolutely loved both the camp experience AND the expertise she gained being there. She has been growing more independent (in a good way!) and having the skills and confidence to be able to ride her bike to school and rehearsal has been a critical part of this growth. I'd have to say that if you have a middle-school aged child and live in Alameda (or any nearby community for that matter), that attending a camp or taking a class from Easy Street Cycling is an absolute must. We are so fortunate to have someone like Bonnie teaching these kids how to be safe and lawful out there on two wheels!"
Kristen S.

"My son attended this bike camp a couple years ago and it was a great experience. He had a blast, and his confidence grew tremendously. He learned a lot of important road safety skills, and the whole family learned from this as well. One of the benefits of this camp is that the kids really learn the legal road safety rules, which helps them safely share the road with cars and also gives them a great foundation for learning to drive a car in a few years." 
Heather D.

"From a very overprotective mom and teacher - I can't say enough good about Bonnie and her bike safety summer camp!  Not only did my daughter enjoy the camp, but she learned key safety tips that make me feel more comfortable letting her ride the streets of Alameda.  She learned the rules of the road, gained confidence, even pointed out factors to consider when biking that she had never mentioned before.  I remember her commenting after the first day of camp something along the lines of "(Riding bikes - It's like driving a car.  There is so much to be aware of."  I like the fact that this is hands-on training and that Bonnie made it fun by having the kids bike to cool spots - water park, ice cream, etc.  Yes, the price is high but for me, it was priceless to equip my daughter with the skills she needs to be as safe as possible when biking.  Also want to add that I appreciate all the work Bonnie has done in Alameda to improve bike safety and awareness - she helped get the very bike lanes that my daughter now rides - awesome!"
Lincoln and Otis Mom

"My daughter, Olive, learned so much from this class but the most important lesson was how to be an independent and confident cyclist.  She understands the rules of the road and is able to negotiate herself through the streets.  I feel safer knowing she successfully graduated from Bonnie's class.  And she can help me change a flat tire."
Heather L.

"I think every child who rides a bike should take this class at some point. As a parent, I think it's important that I take any opportunity to help my kids learn new tools and skills that could help them navigate in life as they get older. Biking has really empowered my son to be independent, responsible and aware of himself and his surroundings. He bikes himself to school, soccer practice and to meet friends. He logged in well over 1200 miles on his bike last year. Amazing!"
      Aimee S.

"We can't thank you enough for the fantastic bike camp.  I have to admit that when I explained it as a bike safety camp my son was underwhelmed.  After the first day though, he was so excited and proud to share all he had learned.  Giving him independence has been tough onus but your camp has helped so much.  He loved each day and feels very confident and prepared.  Thank you!!"  
     Kate S.

"Bike camp will give your child the tools and experience needed to safely navigate through city streets by bike, while also setting your mind at ease. It's one of the best things we could have done, and I'm grateful for bike camp every morning when my son rides across town to school."  
     Jenny P. 

"My son took this summer class to prep him to ride to middle school. He loved it, rode so much that we had to get him new tires by end of week and he and we feel confident in his riding skills. He now rides his bike to and from school each day. If it rains, he knows how to put his bike on the front of a city bus and ride home. He knows fundamentals on how to lock his bike correctly, how to ride with traffic, how to signal and be assertive. He leads his friends that didn't take the class. I'm thrilled and would recommend this camp or classes to anyone!"
    Ariana S.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you East Street Cycling!  Bonnie was instrumental in giving our son independence.  He has become an excellent, confident, aware rider because of the skills he learned in his summer camp.  Bonnie provided him with a fundamental knowledge base which he uses on a daily basis as he rides to school.  
As a parent, I love being able to ask our son to run errands for me, take himself to events and generally be more self-reliant.  I also appreciated Bonnie's honest feedback about our son's behavior during camp, and her ability to communicate with us about the skills in which he still needed work. 
Thank you Easy Street Cycling."

    Andrea L.

"Our son has taken several classes from Bonnie and participated in a week-long summer camp under her leadership.  His skill level increased and he feels much more comfortable on a bike.  We were impressed with her teaching ability and emphasis on safety.  In short, we'd highly recommend Bonnie's cycling classes."
     Robert S.