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Sometimes groups of kids learn and try new skills better when they are among kids with similarities. We don't always separate genders but it helps to know when kids prefer it.
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For kids going to 6th grade at a new school it can be a big advantage to be in a group with other kids going to that school if they decide they want to ride together in the Fall.
Please list if your child would like to be with a specific or mixed gender group, any specific days, times or time of year you are requesting for a specific class.
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We like to share sales, free classes, bike fairs, free mechanics, and more to those who are interested.
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In order to get more bike lanes, bike racks, improved on and off island bike options we collaborate with BikeWalkAlameda, The City of Alameda and the Alameda Police Department. We regularly ask people to sign petitions, come to City Hall meetings, Transportation Commission meetings, etc to show a strong bicycle community presence.
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