Can we sign up for partial days and what if we need early pick up?

We request full-time attendance for several reasons. First, we work on riding skills from the first day of the week and build on them throughout the week. Missing a day, especially early in the week, puts your child at a disadvantage in terms of skills development and also leaves the coaches uncertain about her or his skill level. Second, since we’re on the go it can be difficult to arrange a place and time for a mid-day pick up or drop off. It can be done, but the logistics are tricky. Finally, we maintain a 1:6 or lower coach to rider ratio which is easier to do if we have a stable attendance throughout each week. On most days we can arrange for an early pickup – just let us know when you need to meet us and we’ll do our best to make it as convenient as possible for you to pick up your kid and the bike.  We just ask that you be flexible on the exact time as the group of kids riding doesn't operate like clockwork. 

If your bike rider leaves the registered session early, refunds will not be granted for absences, dismissal, or voluntary withdrawal from the registered activity for any reason.

We make every effort to ensure that our events proceed as planned. However, sometimes weather, enrollment conflicts or other circumstances may interfere. See our Refund Policy Page for our various events. We do not issue credits for future events.