It’s crucial that you have a bicycle in good working condition.  If a rider comes to a class or camp with an inadequate bicycle, he/she will not be able to participate.  
You will need to have your rider’s bike inspected by a certified bicycle mechanic  prior to the first day of class or camp.

Need a recommendation?  Use our Businesses we love page for shops we like and the Bike Buying Guide if needed.  If you like discounts, join Bike Walk Alameda to support making Alameda a safe and enjoyable place to walk and bike and receive an additional $10 discount on any Easy Street Cycling program and at bike shops and other stores.

Have a certified bike mechanic check the following before camp:
    Bike fit/appropriate height and comfortable reach to handle bar and brakes.   Ask your bike shop to do a fit check
    Brake pads not cracked or worn down
    Chain clean from dirt and grease/not stretched out
    Tires with no cracks and not worn in spots
    Gears shifting smoothly

Helmet Fit video from League of American Cyclists

 U-Lock and Cable Lock

U-Lock and Cable Lock

REQUIRED for every day:
    Riders must bring a good working bicycle with at least 7 gears, safety inspected by a certified mechanic.
    Properly fitting helmet free of cracks is required by Easy Street Cycling and state law.  
    Water bottle, mounted on bike (or Camelback) - CAMPS ONLY
    A backpack will be needed throughout the day to carry lunch/snack, sunblock, lock and layers of clothing. Please no shoulder bags. Ensure in advance that the backpack fits and does not sag on the bicycle’s rear wheel. Rear racks are strongly suggested for carrying heavy items like locks and lunches.  Too much weight on a front basket can make steering difficult and dangerous. Carrying Stuff By Bike Page
    Closed toed shoes with sturdy soles.  The stiffer the better.  
    Spare inner tube to fit bike tires.  Ask a bike shop if you are not sure.
    Kick stand on bike.  Bikes falling over is no fun for anyone.
    Make sure your rider has eaten a big meal and send them with lots of snacks  low sugar, high protein and lots of carbs every day.  (please note: the kids get very hungry) To avoid potential food allergy problems we rely on you to supply sufficient food for your child. 
    U-lock and cable

Recommended Items -Nice to have but not required items:
Padded bike shorts, Riding gloves, Sunglasses, Tire Pump, Tool kit, Bike Bell