Mechanics- Form for Bike and Helmet Inspection

Mechanic's Name *
Mechanic's Name
Please list the name of the bike mechanic who checked out the bike
Date bike and helmet check was done *
Date bike and helmet check was done
Parent Name *
Parent Name
Child Name *
Child Name
List the name of the child your are sizing to the bike and helmet.
Bike Condition *
Include Brake pads not cracked or worn down, chain clean from dirt and grease/not stretched out, tires with no cracks and not worn in spots, gears shifting smoothly in your decision.
Bike Fit *
Include frame height and distance to easily reach brakes in your decision
Helmet Fit and Condition *
Fail = if the helmet has cracks, is too worn down and needs to be replaced or doesn't fit properly
Please describe the helmet you checked for fit and safety
Kickstand on bike
Please list any items fixed or replaced. You can also add in any recommendations you made for the bike.